Google Alerts on Steroids! 🚀

Don’t waste any more time sifting through countless alerts to find the ones that interest you.

Connect Google Alerts with ReachReport and let our platform do the heavy lifting.

Identify Relevant Mentions Fast

Google picks up on loads of mentions, but most are irrelevant. ReachReport helps you find the signal among the noise. Alerts are enriched with domain traffic stats, allowing you to zoom in on the most important mentions.

Additionally, you can filter by social or web. So, if only Instagram has your interest, you can easily view only these mentions.

Screenshot, organize your mentions with ReachReport

Never Miss Another Alert

Google emails you all alerts, which complicates processing. It is easy to miss an alert among the avalanche of emails you receive.

ReachReport solves this by displaying all mentions in a list. You can see which items are new and which ones you have already seen. This ensures you never miss another notification and only see each alert only once.

Everything in One Place

ReachReport not only plays well with Google, but you can connect most other applications you use to monitor PR coverage. Our platform will import all mentions, allowing you to manage alerts in one place without the need to switch between tools.

Directly Convert Your Best Mentions into Coverage Reports

No more manually curated lists of links you have to “someday” use to create a coverage report for your PR clients. Directly add all interesting mentions to a coverage report.

Screenshot: quickly turn your mentions into clips with ReachReport

ReachReport will make a clip and add all relevant data such as estimated views and number of times an article or post has been shared on social media.

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