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+500 clips per month

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Up to 500 clips per month

249 per month


Up to 200 clips per month


99 per month


Up to 75 clips per month

49 per month

→→ All plans include unlimited reports, clients & users.

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Can I change plans anytime?down

Yes, you can change plans or cancel anytime. Plans renew every month. If you cancel before your plan renews you will no longer be charged.

My clip volume fluctuates, which plan should I contract?down

We recommend contracting the smallest suitable tier. You can then upgrade when you hit the plan limit. If your volume decreases again in the next month you can downgrade your plan. This way your subscription will match your clip volume even if it fluctuates.

What happens if I exceed the number of clips in my plan?down

As you approach the clip limit for your plan, we will notify you that you’ve reached 90% and 100% of your limit. These alerts give you time to upgrade your subscription to the next tier.

Do all plans include all features?down

All plans include all features. You get unlimited reports, clients & users.

Are there any additional fees?down

None, you only pay for the clips.

Any other questions that have not been answered?down

No More Reporting Headaches.

It's easy to get started. Just pick the plan that works best for you.