The Perfect Template for Your PR Report


Are you looking for a template to make your next PR report? We created one, and you can freely use it to report on any PR campaign.

Follow this link to download your copy.

The template is a powerpoint that contains four different pages:

Read on for a breakdown of how you can edit each page to create your own PR report.


On the cover replace the default image with one that illustrates your campaign. There is no single best image, but your selection should meet two criteria. It has to make the presentation look professional, and should be relevant to the project & client.

For example, a port when you work with a logistics company, or a team picture when your client is a professional sports team. If the report is for a B2C client, you can probably leave the default cover image.

cover page of the PR Report Template

What if you do not have a suitable cover image? Ask your client. They probably have plenty of pictures and illustrations you can use. Alternatively, you can find a great image on a site such as Unsplash.


The summary page provides an overview with results of your PR campaign. To get the numbers you have to fill out on this page of the template, add the readership, coverage views and social shares of all your earned media.

example summary of a monthly PR report

Although it is the second page of the template, it is the last one you should use when creating your report. Start with the clip pages. Once you have all the information about the clips, you can add everything up and fill-out the summary page.

Clip Pages

Before doing anything else, make a bunch of copies of the clip page. You need a new slide for every piece of earned media.

add clips to the pr report

Once you have created all the clip pages you need, add the article title, publication date, coverage views, readership, social shares and other relevant information.

Not sure where to find all the data to fill out the template? We have a guide for that :-) In this post we explain where to find all the information you need for a PR report.


This is the page that will take least of your time. You can leave it as it is in the template, or update the text and image with one that better suits your presentation. Something personalized in your own language instead of a boring “thank you”.

We hope this template and explanation will help you create your pr report fast!

Would you like another type of template for public relations? Reach out to let us know. We might create it for you.

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